Bachelorette party

These girls are having a naughty party and their surprise guest (and rented boytoy) is none other than Ian Scott. After a noisy group blowjob (with Ian sticking his monster through an improvised glory hole!) everyone settles down for a more coventional scene of sucking & fucking--with all three gals sharing Ian's generous load. [Women-haters should probably avoid viewing--and hearing--this scene. You won't enjoy it, I assure you, and no one but fellow-misogynists will care to read your comments about it. Don't say I didn't warn you!]

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by careem 6 years ago

This must have been an early Ian video. He is lean and hairy... His cock is large and his balls are certainly full. The women were overly verbal but, they were on camera and a cock that big would tend to get some comment.

by dekoy_david 6 years ago

smallish peter. *yawn*

by Vanbrugh 6 years ago

Good try "phreddie1" to level misogyny at me but you are so wide of the mark fella!.. I will always give credit where its due but until I see a "hot" contribution by women in a porn vid I shall speak as I find! remember its all subjective anyway fella! regards anyway phreddie1..take care.

by williebrowne 6 years ago

I wish Ian would make another GH movie--shot from the usual angles. It could have an 'audition' plot--with a whole succession of cocksuckeresses competing for the pleasure of getting having Ian Scott fuck them up the ass. [Working title: "Open (Hole) Call"] And by observing classic GH behavior--NO talking--you'd avoid the squeals & peals of girlish laughter problem!

by porter 6 years ago

I bet his favorite part was the beginning when he didn't have to look at those pigs.

by sexydude101 6 years ago

women seem to need to squeal louder than they need to show men they like it ... sometimes and especially in american porn. They need to just enjoy it!! But is still very hot and Ian a perfect slut lol.

by BigBallsLove 6 years ago

Women just behave differently during sex. They delight in getting away with something naughty, hence their squealing and surprised looks. Guys seem to be more intense during sex. I love Ian Scott's big ole package, and as I am gay would have preferred to see a man enjoying his big dick, but was not overly put off by the ladies. Everyone has the right.

by XYChromo 6 years ago

And the 20 more who have favorited it since
are either perfectly happy that there are women in the world (who suck cocks they can't) or have swallowed that bitter pill with good grace--and without stupidly trashing them.

by bigdonato 6 years ago

I guess those (admitedly silly) gals didn't make the clip too farcical or spoiled for the 55 guys (Vanbrugh among them, I suspect) who have already 'favorited' it within hours of its posting.

by phreddie1 6 years ago

Vanbrugh's complaint (though legit) strikes me as a cover for what's more probably just plain old gay misogyny--the same mindless resentment of women you hear in the "women-can't-give-decent-head" drivel many guys parrot on this site. (They never complain about the inane chatter in, say, many Devin Moss clips.) Though V could just cut the sound off, he'd rather put women down.