Hung Hunk on Cam

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Sorry if it's a double post. It's short but way too hot not to post again. Anyone know from where this comes?

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by chippendalexxll 6 years ago


by thikcok 6 years ago

Great balls too !

by acejpc76 6 years ago

This is the most beautiful man I have ever seen!

by laserax17 7 years ago

so hot!!!!!

by CutBoi77 7 years ago

Love the trimmed pube and beaut well-cut cock! :-D

by Justinx00x 7 years ago

If you know who he is on dudesnude, why not post his screen name?

by xMircox 7 years ago

Internationalmuscle know the name too ?

by Internationalmuscle 7 years ago

Yes, I do know. He is Mexican, he lives in Mexico. he has a profile on Dudesnude and there you have a few other short clips.

by jeansmith 7 years ago

maybe so dvno, but dayum I'd remortgage my house if he's movin' in. besides I can work with someone that size. ( everything looks bigger in his little hands :evilsmile: )

by dvno 7 years ago

dull. tiny guy. approx 1.70m.