my dream daddy

not a monster but good size and hes fine so, suck it...

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by nokiaboy 6 years ago

terrible quality video really poor

by cckybtmboy 7 years ago

Ripped abs, gorgeous cock, cumming load after load, and he even shows his face! I'd say he's fucking Perfect! No; he isn't a monster, but who cares... He makes up (almost) for all the guys on here who never Do cum.
I wish I were lucky enough to back my hungry, waiting ass onto his magnificent manhood. I'd love to take his River of Cum!

by skistud 7 years ago

I love this guy, he is the horniest on the planet!

by horse2387 7 years ago


by TopTen 7 years ago

Daddies need Daddies too.Bring him on!