barrett long & alexy tyler

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barrett long & alexy tyler

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by Fernando104 7 years ago

best porn actor Barrett Long

by chippendalexxll 12 years ago

great fucking and jerking off

by Raffy 13 years ago

My fave Barrett scene! If you gave him Viagra it might be humanly impossible to take his cock on either end :>)

by alfonso33 13 years ago

Hot!!!, that most feel incredible having that Big cock raping your hole, the only thing I would have done that i did not see the bttm guy do is service those big beautiful balls before giving up that ass, me next Barrett.

by GREGalicious 13 years ago

i LOVE this scene!! thats the kind of dick down i need

by papagallo222 13 years ago

This lockerroom scene, like the kitchen one, has been posted repeatedly--but never in more than 6-minutes 'abridgements.' Admittedly, the storyline set-ups etc. are dispensible with, but it's good to have the whole scene once and for all and with a reasonably crisp image--especially when it's CLEARLY IDENTIFIED, TAGGED, etc.--something too many airheaded posters neglect to take care of. Bravo to Allusive--someone who knows, not only what to post, but HOW to post it!

by caliente1 13 years ago

Alexy is such a beautiful man, barret needs to viagra

by anonymous 13 years ago

fuckin hot wish i wanna trade places with alexy tyler and take that huge dick

by pumperbrad 13 years ago

That is the most PERFECT cock I have ever seen!

by mtnhiker27 13 years ago

My new "idol", Barrett Long. Finally a monster cock with decent balls to go with it. Unbelievable shooter as well. Bring on more!