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aprox 15 inch

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by vergudon 6 years ago

Are there any strip club like this in New York in the land of sin and perversion anybody?In new york,there use to be a measure your cock size as you enter the huge cock club there by a feamle slut mistress and she had a private room as they entered and they had to have an erect wood for her to measure it and everyone had to be over 9 inches .they would not take 8.5 had to be 9 and up to 15 inches dang and they came in cumming good with cum all over on the floors man

by brhoop 6 years ago

Right in my nephews tight perfect white ass...

by pablolar 6 years ago

donde es eso?

by heavybulge 6 years ago

Those women are cheap. No one is spending any money. I hate CHEAP women!

by bigcocks69 6 years ago

That was huge!!!

by eingangstr 6 years ago


by shield1751 7 years ago

10 maybe 11 inches..but not 15

by vergudon 7 years ago

Can someone find more videos of this Slick Da Ruler man 15 inches what a man and to have to show it off to all this women in heat is not fair man ,how about us gay strip clubs too yeah ,i mean every spanish hispanic girl and white girl want a black man for sex and having as a bf man well we know why the cocks are massive man to satify their needs man

by zabrakabir 8 years ago

IS VERY HORROR PERFORMANCE.... very very horror....

by jockesh 9 years ago

Good Lord!!! Now I know why all the white girls after these guys...jesus christ..can u blame