Shorty Mac

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One of the worlds thickest cocks

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by JamPowerButt 4 years ago

I think I'm in LOVE !!

by bottomdutch 6 years ago

this is the best i have ever seen
what a great video
wish he was my guy

by LongJohnny 7 years ago

... and btw, I've just added coqfqn to my select list of MCL's most unpleasant commentators.

by LongJohnny 7 years ago

Beer can thick? Not likely, this one's beer barrel!

by bobwob1 7 years ago

Would drooling help me to engorge it with my mouth???

by machoatletico 8 years ago

definetly the thickest and nicest cock I ve ever to see more from him.

by thicky 8 years ago

that is one big BEEFY PP

by coqfan 9 years ago

yeah huge, ugly nigger tho

by babyvampire 9 years ago

Oh... Mutant ....

by bigmat73 9 years ago

Anyone know WHO this guy is?