Billy Hicks

Billy knows not everyone can handle his 10" monster of a cock. "Don't get me wrong, I love my cock! But sometimes girls complain that's it's TOO big. Fucking bitches!" Billy strips naked and shows off his smooth and ripped body with his gigantic cock hanging down his leg halfway to his knee! He lazily jacks that monster and sets the bar for how sexy an 18 year old straight guy can be.

Comments (8)

by suxalot 6 years ago

10-inchesm gimme a break ha ha ha ha
it's nice size but not gigantic and definitely not 10" Why do we have so many liars on here and elsewhere.

by LongJohnny 7 years ago

Hey Freak, do you honestly think we're blind, insane or just commonly stupid? That we don't know an inch from a centimetre? So what the hell's the point of talking about "his 10" monster of a cock" when it's not even big by this site's standards?

by mavado 7 years ago

thats 6 inches

by doggies 7 years ago

pedazo a lapiz

by lunchmeat 7 years ago

Where's the other 4"?

by 20boy 7 years ago

his face is very cute

by jamesdee 7 years ago

i think i could deep throat his cock.....looks shorter that 10 inches though..............we don't measure from the asshole anymore!

by Ronneedsit 7 years ago

No problem for me to take it all, so you would not hear me complain, oh it's to big. LOL.