More mystery meat

Unlike the last nameless Latino I posted here, this stud is decidedly vintage--a contemporary of John Holmes and Tony ('the Hook') Perez, and, like the latter, one of the few Hispanic leading men active in the porn films of the 80s. I'm sure elansvc would know his name, but now that he's deserted us, I'm hoping someone else will come up with an ID for this cumpadre. And who, btw, is the ardent cocksuckeress with him? [Warning: Turn down the volume; the music is loud & the voice-over annoyingly idiotic.] PS: Names, supplied by alert & knowing commentators, now added to tags.

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by anonymous 13 years ago

Nothing makes a white woman excited like dropping to her knees to worship a black man’s big tasty dick.

by hanstoes 13 years ago

i love the voiceover and wish more sex scenes had that nasty filthy talk going on!

by rickter 13 years ago

beautiful big gun and she really worked it

by bigdmusclebear 13 years ago

Wow! amazing cock.... and an even more amazing crushed velvet chair!!! LOL

by garconss 13 years ago

this is a really cute big cock mmmmmmmmmmm

by bendover 13 years ago

Loni Sanders is the great BJ provider.

by papagallo222 13 years ago

ENCYCLOPEDIC ELAN ! ! ! Welcome back!!! We've missed you.

by elansvc 13 years ago

He did, indeed go by Reggie Gunn AKA Regis Stallion, and only appeared in four or five films, all in the very early '80s. "Lips (with Ron Jeremy, fat, hairy dick by the pound)," Flesh Pond," "Love Goddess," and I think "Weekend Fantasy" with Kevin James.

by tmiguel 13 years ago

Luv the fake voice over recording from some other couple!!

by edlalushkaed 13 years ago