10 inches

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Guy with 10 inch cock

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by miric 2 years ago

define 10 inches ! LOL

by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

mmm nice..but no cumming

by marinedick8 7 years ago

no whre 10 inches,unless he measured from his butt hole

by launch 7 years ago

Great cock, not inches.

by goober553 7 years ago

u wanna meet

by launch 8 years ago


by chetsz15feet 9 years ago

That's not Michael Brandon. When did he ever do stuff with Sean Cody?
It is 10 inches, but along the BOTTOM. He's showing the underside when he comments and asks. It looks like an 8 incher up top.

by LongJohnny 9 years ago

I'd rather kiss it than hit it! And get your eyes tested, 93 ...

by cc0101 10 years ago

That would be Michael Brandon when he was doing videos with Sean cody so YES it is ten inchs.

by ewqdsacxz 10 years ago

not 10" but I'd love to fuck it anyways lol