Steven Prior

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HUng sex

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by ncmel 6 years ago

steves cock goes all the way across his thigh

by ncmel 7 years ago

LONGJOHNNY, nice list; i agree: mattt hughes, steve prior,and trevor yates. also casey woods. the rest of my list: vick from teenburg, idmilson/caio macedo, " huge cock redhead" and antoine mallet.

by conorboi 7 years ago

I don't know why you guys don't shut up and watch the action. The "meat" on Steven is on the right place for me . I don't want to see some steroid pumped Yankee poofter muscle boy. Steven has a real genuine HUGE cock. For fuck's sake if you don't like then fuck off!

by LongJohnny 7 years ago

All nicely put, bartonside! Guess most of us might have Three Faves. The competition is great, but the three tops for me would be Steve Prior, Matt Hughes and Trevor Yates (in any order). With 'Andrew' (aka Billy Gee), Casey Woods and NoMyth fighting it out for fourth place!

by bartonside 7 years ago

Smoothsilk said: "the others are Matt Hughes & Jessy Karson all 3 send me crazy!" I'll agree with that. Matt is particu;arly nice semi hard, flopping alluringly all over the place. Jessy just has a supreme package, a big cock and heavy hangers to go with theim. As regards this clip, there are shots of Steven taken from the side when he is standing which serve to show just how huge his knob is. It seems impossible that something so large could grow on such a slim body.

by smoothsilk 7 years ago

Steve is in my top three Top Cocks, the others are Matt Hughes & Jessy Karson all 3 send me crazy!

by bartonside 7 years ago

Let's say it one more time - Steven is thin because of a metabolic disorder. He eats well but doesn't put on weight; also, he does go the the gym regularly. He doesn't need to pile on muscle because that would detract from his truly astonishing cock. He told me that he thought this was his best scene up to that time.

by lkng4bgblls 7 years ago

5 for cock.
2 for technique: what a waste of big cock and balls

by doggies 7 years ago

these boys are naturally thin!..and very fave type....btw....I am 5'9" 151lbs...a real 8.5 x 7 ....and is big..thick and looks good on me and perfect in my BF...

by jamesdee 7 years ago

steven prior has a GREAT cock............i'd love to suck on it........ANYTIME!!!!!!!!!!!