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this guy is on cam4 it look real to me, probably the biggest real cock i have ever come across (if it is real) on such a cute slim guy.<br /> <br /> look out for him as Monstercock12in on cam4

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by LongJohnny 6 years ago

Well whatever. But 5 stars to rippedbulge anyway for contributing the most unpleasant posts to this site, without fail.

by vergudon 6 years ago

its a fake.He had a black round circular cock ring attached at base and hidden with shirt and when he bends it is obvious you can see the ring that is attached to his real cock inside. He drilled a hole into the flesh of the plastic cock .the veins dont move and throb if it were real. He then covers the cock dildo plastic dayum cock into his shorts .....enough please why do have this clowns here and w epay money a month i right dudes and dudes watching huge cock size here yes

by rippedbulge 6 years ago

Omg there are some dumb motherfuckers on here...NO ONE HAS A COCK THAT BIG...I DONT CARE WHO U ARE...STUPID FUCKERS.

by careem 6 years ago

There is just something strange about this cock. When it is stretched out, it doesn't move or bounce when his heart beats. Ever notice how your erect cock moves as you heart beats? The skin never moves on it and the color is strange also. He look to have a very nice hairy stomach and chest and yet he keeps his shirt on? He needs to do another video and show us that this isn't a fake.

by boytaste 6 years ago

if you could be bothered to fake your cock surely you'd also be bothered to dye your ginger pubes?
1 vote for REAL

by 6 years ago

Total fake

by winkle 7 years ago

what's up with all the posing, where's the action? not stop action. and that nose?

by mulder 7 years ago

mein Traum: Das Teil ist Echt!

by young4love 7 years ago

I believe it real and wish that this guy able to chat to me for real.

by treetrunk60 7 years ago

LMAO!! To all those that believe its fake(like I do) ur comments crack me up, thank u. To the fools that think its real, go check out the GIRLS on Futanaria, their "dicks" are bigger than his & they cum. lol I enjoy their fake dicks more, at least they're not trying 2 fool anybody.

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