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An Olympic Monstercock Story
An Olympic Monstercock Story

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This is a compilation made of, hopefully, the best horsehung men on the internet, plus the men and women who worship their juicy schlongs. It starts with a short series of large, floppy cocks hanging around and dancing the Monstercock Dance, followed by a few gladly helpful hands holding them. Then those wearing underwear start uncovering their packgages. You will have the chance to laugh when you hear a bit of helicopter sound effects! The straight fuckers start the competition, followed by a parade of schlongs from the men men who dare to show their faces along them. The oral skills competition follows, continued by another parade set of playful white sausages, just before the team of impalers show us their strenghts. A series of the biggest black monsters take part in a parade, before its time to announce the winner. Finally, its time for celebration. If you have become a short-attention span size queen from so many great vids here and elsewhere, dont let this vid aside! In the background you will find a few olympic scenes, and a series of international hits. It starts with an arab mix, then another mix by Wafa Boukil; then the top ten hits from Amira Said; at about 20 mins it styarts a mix from DJ Jay Martin, titled It Came from the Vault. The multiple applauses at the end come from.. well, everywhere! lol!

Runtime: 26:59
Size: Bytes
Added: 9th August 2012
Views: 30331

Category: Videos / Gay Sex Videos
Tags: hung cumming xxl huge compilation horsehung amateur xxl blacks interracial fucking semen big xxl extralarge horsehung monstercock gigantic enormous thick black bbc jerking masturbation thick girth

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