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Human Horse aka Steve TPJ
Runtime: 01:37
Added: 29th March 2014
Posted By: MartyRice
Views: 12223
Comments: 11

This guy with the monster cock could make a lot of money doing porn!

Tags: Human Horse
Hanging out with a monster
Runtime: 46:02
Added: 12th October 2014
Posted By: phreddie1
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Comments: 10

I can hardly believe a cock this stupendous wouldn't have appeared yet at MCL, so if this is a repeat, let me know & I'll delete it. Finding it in an old folder yesterday, I decided to share it as is--all 45 minutes!--since copying to abridge it would have degraded the small-format image, and...

Tags: true monstercock extrathick uncut big nuts cammer jacking
Beyond hot
Runtime: 13:07
Added: 15th September 2014
Posted By: partyboy877
Views: 2043
Comments: 10

This Daddy used to be a rabid cunt-lapper (and maybe still is), but ever since he took to playing for the other team too, he finds a hot manhole just as tasty. And no matter where he puts his raspy tongue to work, it's just a warm-up for what he really wants to do--fuck--which he does very well....

Tags: Daddy big extrathick rimming sucking fucking
For our eyes only
Runtime: 09:22
Added: 5th September 2014
Posted By: XYChromo
Views: 1719
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I edited this for another group, but figured some guys here might enjoy it, too. It shows Gab Real, one of the most popular strippers in the StockBar's current line up, performing onstage in a totally empty club--just for us, as it were--and doing stuff he most certainly doesn't do as part of his...

Tags: Stripper big uncut lowhangers jacking fleshlight-fucking cumshot
Cutler X and Armond Rizzo
Runtime: 28:28
Added: 27th August 2014
Posted By: FreakMuscleXXL
Views: 5026
Comments: 10

Cutler X fucks Armond Rizzo condomfree

Tags: Cutler X, Armond Rizzo
There is a GOD
Runtime: 02:06
Added: 21st August 2014
Posted By: millander07
Views: 6668
Comments: 10

Enormous big white dick fucking his way in to pleasureland.

Tags: big dick 11 inches
Bulge/Dick 2
Runtime: 01:10
Added: 14th August 2014
Posted By: NokiaBoyXL
Views: 1979
Comments: 10


Tags: thick big cock bulge
Runtime: 01:04
Added: 27th July 2014
Posted By: mike987
Views: 5117
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Slow-Mo monstermeat
Runtime: 06:43
Added: 25th June 2014
Posted By: williebrowne
Views: 3370
Comments: 10

Having joined in the collective swoon over Luan Mastro and his gorgeous Brazilian cock, I just couldn't wait for the next new release. So, begging Crazy's pardon for my impudence, I did a slowed-down collage of excerpts from his post of the Renato (blow) job interview. Renato, as you know,...

Tags: Luan Mastro Renato humungous Brazilian uncut sucking facial
Lord almighty
Runtime: 08:13
Added: 12th June 2014
Posted By: argus3906
Views: 5377
Comments: 10

Despite Kris Lord's great looks and considerable endowment, the films he made in LA range from faintly disappointing to downright poor. The best scene he did for Falcon--the one with Dany Sommers in "Down Home"--is hot mostly because of his enthusiasm for getting rimmed. To see his dick being...

Tags: Vintage Kris Lord huge extrathick blowjob cumshot
Runtime: 33:01
Added: 22nd April 2014
Posted By: Homer3525
Views: 8138
Comments: 10

Now that's a dick.

Tags: long cock
Self sucking Dominic.
Runtime: 09:55
Added: 18th April 2014
Posted By: evhans
Views: 2274
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Cute Latin with a great ass self sucks and eats cum.

Tags: Latin hunk self suck cum fingering