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Runtime: 01:04
Added: 27th July 2014
Posted By: mike987
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Rocco, in a single roll-out
Runtime: 27:02
Added: 10th August 2014
Posted By: mrmephisto10
Views: 3380
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As Crazy says, it was JayEsz666 who introduced Rocco Steele to MCL a couple of weeks ago--in a scene where he 'daddies' the very young & exotically sensual Draven Torres. Trouble is, Jay broke his post into five separate segments, which may have discouraged many here from paying attention...

Tags: Rocco Steele Daddy huge xtrathick sucking fucking rimming
Bulge/Dick 2
Runtime: 01:10
Added: 14th August 2014
Posted By: NokiaBoyXL
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Tags: thick big cock bulge
Huge Salvadorian Dick
Runtime: N/A
Added: 16th August 2014
Posted By: olaacernaa
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Tags: monster,horse,huge,donk
There is a GOD
Runtime: 02:06
Added: 21st August 2014
Posted By: millander07
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Enormous big white dick fucking his way in to pleasureland.

Tags: big dick 11 inches
Cutler X and Armond Rizzo
Runtime: 28:28
Added: 27th August 2014
Posted By: FreakMuscleXXL
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Cutler X fucks Armond Rizzo condomfree

Tags: Cutler X, Armond Rizzo
For our eyes only
Runtime: 09:22
Added: 5th September 2014
Posted By: XYChromo
Views: 1606
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I edited this for another group, but figured some guys here might enjoy it, too. It shows Gab Real, one of the most popular strippers in the StockBar's current line up, performing onstage in a totally empty club--just for us, as it were--and doing stuff he most certainly doesn't do as part of his...

Tags: Stripper big uncut lowhangers jacking fleshlight-fucking cumshot
Beyond hot
Runtime: 13:07
Added: 15th September 2014
Posted By: partyboy877
Views: 1951
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This Daddy used to be a rabid cunt-lapper (and maybe still is), but ever since he took to playing for the other team too, he finds a hot manhole just as tasty. And no matter where he puts his raspy tongue to work, it's just a warm-up for what he really wants to do--fuck--which he does very well....

Tags: Daddy big extrathick rimming sucking fucking
Assman 2
Runtime: 10:41
Added: 29th March 2014
Posted By: mrmephisto10
Views: 1921
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Savior is a natural-born fucker. Even as he lies there, hands behind his head while he's getting blown by Christian, his pelvis can't keep from making anticipatory thrusting moves. And when he finally gets his fat dick lodged up its native habitat--a hot & hungry hole--it's pretty plain that...

Tags: Savior LA Latino huge thick uncut sucking fucking cumshot
Big Tipper
Runtime: 18:08
Added: 12th August 2014
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 2821
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Fans of the latest sensation in DaddyDom--Rocco Steele--will probably enjoy his recent encounter with David Lambert. In an unlikely reversal of real life, a rather drab & unappealing twink (Lambert, playing a stripper) makes Rocco pay for sex. [The original of this clip needed major...

Tags: Rocco Steele Daddy horsedick superthick sucking fucking rimming
Black big cock agin
Runtime: 02:08
Added: 14th July 2014
Posted By: ThumperSS
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Big black cock again

Tags: Big Black cock
Big Enough?
Runtime: N/A
Added: 12th July 2014
Posted By: mr_ed0950
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in my Jockeys

Tags: huge monster