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Logan has two daddies 2
Runtime: 09:37
Added: 9th September 2014
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 5934
Comments: 12

And here's the second half of Rocco's & CutlerX's guide to modern parenting, which (spoiler alert!) I feel I must tell you *doesn't* include what you've probably been hankering to see: a butt-busting DP. Now, whether it was an intentional omission, I can't say; but in defense of both...

Tags: Rocco Steele CutlerX Daddies BBC BWC tagteam MMM sucking fucking cumshots
More Rocco & Adam
Runtime: 04:20
Added: 17th August 2014
Posted By: sexualtourist
Views: 2612
Comments: 12

Here's another, longer sampling of the new Rocco Steele/Adam Russo pairing. As noted, even though Rocco is a fucker of exceptional skill, it's an oral-only scene--with Adam giving Rocco's superthick piece the worshipful lip-service it deserves. But for a full view of the finale (Rocco...

Tags: Rocco Steele Daddy huge extrathick blowjob
Esteban & Doriano
Runtime: 16:41
Added: 18th August 2014
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 4504
Comments: 12

Here's the new Esteban scene I promised to post, featuring the big-dicked Spaniard and an eager bottom called Doriano. After wasting a lot of time trying to work around the watermark and editing the action, I've finally decided to upload it as is, watermark and all. [Yes, this is a repost. I...

Tags: Esteban Orive huge extrathick uncut sucking fucking
Sorry here you go wrong video previously
Runtime: 03:59
Added: 15th August 2014
Posted By: ThumperSS
Views: 11024
Comments: 12

MONSTER COCK Boy. Sorry guys I uploaded the wrong video I have of this HUNG dude

Tags: Hung Uncut Skinny Guy
Out of jeans
Runtime: N/A
Added: 7th June 2014
Posted By: chippendalexxll
Views: 1493
Comments: 12

Big cock..soft

Tags: A big cock
Justin Masters cums.
Runtime: 20:05
Added: 14th May 2014
Posted By: evhans
Views: 7732
Comments: 12

Fat cocked Justin squirts a big load.

Tags: huge cum uncut
A massive one
Runtime: 12:11
Added: 3rd February 2014
Posted By: chippendalexxll
Views: 16464
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Big huge massive black cock x 2 hot girls,sucking,
fucking great x sure---exciting

Tags: Big fat massive cock x u
Hot sexy couple
Runtime: 27:36
Added: 23rd January 2014
Posted By: chippendalexxll
Views: 4370
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Big cock x a super tit blonde, fucking hot,orgasm, great fun : Top performer JMac

Tags: Big cock,fucking hot, cum
Hole in the wall
Runtime: 07:30
Added: 16th January 2014
Posted By: roccobene
Views: 1824
Comments: 12

Here's another GH scene shot on location--this time in Manhattan's Spanish Harlem--where an enterprising Latino cocksucker has set up a busy private facility. Since nearly all his visitors are str8 studs from the barrio (lots of married guys), he keeps the pussy porn going in the front room...

Tags: GH glory hole Antonio Montez Latino big uncut blowjob, cumshot
old & new memories
Runtime: 03:33
Added: 7th June 2014
Posted By: eigger13
Views: 5167
Comments: 12

Just a throwback and quick thank you for the first video I did that everyone made so popular!

Tags: big black cock jerking
When words won
Runtime: 08:40
Added: 24th October 2014
Posted By: crazy4cock
Views: 7665
Comments: 12

I find it hard to talk about a guy as beautiful as this. Whatever I say ends up sounding foolish--over-kill to some and inadequate to others. So, by way of introduction, let me urge you to watch another clip first. Posted by bukopie2k9 in February, 2013 and called "Cameron Buirski," it's his...

Tags: Cameron Buirski BA big uncut lowhangers posing jacking cumshot
Fat-dicked Italian delivers
Runtime: 04:48
Added: 5th June 2014
Posted By: XYChromo
Views: 5050
Comments: 12

I've never cared much for Cam4 (which usually challenges my short attention span), but I got lucky the other night--when I just happened to catch a 20 y.o. Italian using his big, mushy uncut salami to put on a thoroughly satisfying 5-minute show. Pausing only to give an admirer a glimpse of his...

Tags: Young Italian cammer huge uncut cumshot