Monstercock Hall of Fame

So old (10 years?) it probably has become Vintage, but no so much to forget about it, Preston Parker's cock will remain in the Monstercock Hall of Fame for a long time. If you have been watching porn for some time you probably saw this,but am sure you dont mind watching it over and over again. Get your hands out and start jerking! :-)

Comments (16)

by FreakMuscleXXL 5 months ago

I totally love to be serviced like that.

by chippendalexxll 5 years ago

G R E A T.......S U P E R.......EXCELLENT

by 6 years ago

He's a bigger peter north, love his cock

by lilspinnerboi 7 years ago

Beautiful all around.

by dfw051980 7 years ago

someone upload more of him!

by Baladus4 7 years ago

I nutt like that when I'm gettin a handjob. It's weird. LOL

by loxtrex 7 years ago

This guy is really one of my favourites. The shape is incredibly teasing and the size, uuuufff.. it really matters in this case !!

by shawncabacci 7 years ago

sthat lingam massage whats done on him?

by LongJohnny 7 years ago

Well said, bonkers! Couldn't put it better myself. Preston's been blessed with the perfect cock shape ... and size.

by Vanbrugh 7 years ago

Brilliant cum explosion.....never tire of this!