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gets huge just before he blows

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by johnnycumlately 7 months ago

what a piece of shit video and tiny dick who is the moron that posted this crap? lmfao

by eightbysixxx 1 year ago

Beautiful young man—starts with a nicely sized softie, but it's not long until that thick, juicy, beautiful, monstrously thick, and totally suckable head balloons to a massive size. And, the shaft gets so hard, long, thick, and absolutely magnificent. Crazy to see a monstrous, long, thick, juicy, delicious, throbbing slab of black donkey cock meat hanging between two skinny legs. Just before that fucker shoots its load, it gets so crazy huge! I would love to worship that enormous penis!

by LICMan 2 years ago

love to have that cock in my holes

by elyptika 3 years ago

I'm not normally into young boys, but this cock is so so so delicious looking I'd give it head and let him do my hairy pussy anytime. I'm sure I could make him shoot cum by the bucket load.

If anyone has his 'phone no. or email address then let me have it. Soon, I'm soaking wet here and need him up me.

by Pokioh189 3 years ago

Anyone knows where there is a full video of this. This boy is absolutely amazing!

by ben212us 3 years ago

thats a hot cock to me, id love to get him off

by bcnevada 4 years ago

I wish I had a cock like his!

by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

young monstercock

by hippityhop 6 years ago

lol what a tiny dick and piece of shit video

by ninjaboi 6 years ago

Not a "monster" but BIG and he has a VERY large beautiful hang when he's soft. Look up Leonel's other photos to see!