chad douglas

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chad douglas fucking on a tanning bench

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by hungdaddy 3 years ago

Chad teaching this poor twink the true meaning of manhood. He fucks him silly and deep.
This kid will never forget this fuck.

by chris66 7 years ago

That is lube that "Chad" put into the bottoms ass. Lube with anti spermicide was beleived to halt the tramission of HIV, it is no longer
recommended for a prevention method anymore

by strkn4fun 7 years ago

Fucked him like a rag doll.

by 269269 7 years ago

What a fkn nice thick cock....

by iamflesh 7 years ago

Chad Rule

by Alex_huntop 7 years ago

Chad Douglas died in 1999

by mando 7 years ago

Chad, a long horn from Ft. Worth, Texas. Once Chad fucks you no other man will be good enough. Where is he now?

by beryn1 7 years ago

Is that just lube in that syringe Chad is put in his ass, or is it something else? I have notice this in alot of videos from the 70s/80s.

by Raffy 7 years ago

This is one of THE hottest videos in porn history, I swear!!! Tall hairy chested top with a huge fat cock TOTALLY taking charge of that little bottomboy's ass and pushin' it beyond his limits in every position . . . damn I bet that boy wasn't able to walk for a week. :>)

by ikarooz 7 years ago

I remember this.... it is a birthday fuck HAPPY BIRTHDAY