Horsehung top Trevor Yates & Dario Dolce - Condom Free special

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The first thing you notice when Trevor comes down the stairs is certainly not Trevor himself, just his huge cock bouncing up and down with each step, and that poor banana he pulls from the fridge looks so small and inadequate in comparison! I'm left wondering how long Dario was waiting behind the door just to catch him in that moment. What follows is some serious cock worshipping of some serious cock, with Dario licking and devouring every inch before Trevor gets his lips and tongue into action. For all his desire to lick and suck Trevor, Darios true desire is get that mammoth member stuck up his love hole and Trevor is only too happy to comply

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by AndyDC 7 years ago

Most of that blurb is simply quoted from the belami site itself. (And yes, the full clip is very hot. I'd post it myself, but it takes a lot of doing to edit down to MCL limits & I don't have the time right now. Maybe someone else will oblige us!)

by theminx 7 years ago

Dude, your description is longer than the (very hot) clip. Side note: Dario was probably only there long enough for the director to say "action". Mystery solved.

by laserax17 7 years ago


by bgrod4u 7 years ago

Outstanding! Does BelAmi have many raw fuck vids?

by brude 7 years ago

mmmmmmm id love that huge raw cock in me :P