huge dick

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huge dick cum

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by bwayneb 10 months ago

VERY very nice....

by aecollector 7 years ago

there not geintal worts yer dick , some guys have white bumps, its not dangerous or dirty, get educated yer twat

by bpt123 7 years ago

awesome cock - but the poor guy has genital worts (see the white pustules on the head).....

by tired 7 years ago

8 inches is "just above average size"? for what animal--not humans!

by BRICAL3 7 years ago

Well was it slammed in the fuckin' car door or what!

by jperiod 7 years ago

I'm not getting fooled, I just think it's a hot cock and big enough to qualify as well endowed for my personal tastes. That it's only 8 inches as you protest seems to be beside the point.

by moncler1756 7 years ago

ONLY JUST ABOVE AVERAGE SIZE - why do you keep getting fooled by these close up clips - WATCH THE CLIP AND COMPARE HIS FINGERS AND HAND WITH THE COCK SIZE - it's not more than max. 8 inches or european measurements 20 centimeters...:)

- But very nice cum dripling in the end...:)

by doghouse 7 years ago

Hot, seein that big cock growin across the table, stretchin out good, hard as a fuckin rock, dude hairy as Hell, then it shootin, Awesome.

by drfager 7 years ago

Legit HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cock and great load!

by LongJohnny 7 years ago

Surprise ending!