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This is a re-post of "Hung Buds Jerking" posted by CEDDIE of 2 married friends having a casual gettogether. It's in B&W. And it's edited so the cumshots are in slomo with a sound delay. This says something good about male bonding. 2 great cocks.

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by ActionBuddy 9 months ago

Awesome cocks and cum loads!... Good buddies!

by ActionBuddy 6 years ago

Please post the URL for Part 2!

by complication 6 years ago

you cut the audio when they were cumming in favor of slowing the video.... seriously?

by bartonside 8 years ago

Love the idea of two guys wanking off side by side - and that sure is a firehose on the left.

by PlaidBoy 8 years ago

Holy that's hot.

by turner_011 8 years ago

PLEASE NOTE - this video was originally posted here by CURIOUS ELLIOT and not CEDDIE as noted in the file description. Sorry for the mix up.