Matt Hughes in the shower

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Pornstars:Matt Hughes

Big-dicked Brit in the shower and the bedroom with a friend.

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by onecoolmedic1 8 years ago

there are a few scenes of him erect but he's just to big already to get erections everytime not enough blood in body

by LongJohnny 8 years ago

Flaccid maybe, but I've seen huge swinging dicks on donkeys that look smaller than Matt's.

by PhilipHH 8 years ago

where can i see him hard

by ItalianTony 8 years ago

he'd be my fantasy man -- a hugely hung bottom! AWWWWW!

by 4skindelight 8 years ago

Hard or soft, I'd suck his dick all night

by moncler1756 8 years ago

I have many DVD'S, where Matt gets fully hard and fully erect.

- This video is a really bad clip. Matt is NOT a bottom he is a TOP and if the scene doesn't turn you on, you don't get fully hard and erect.

- It also might come as a shocker for many of you, but the majority of guys in porn use VIAGRA before scenes, because the pills simply work.

Maybe Matt has refuge to do Viagra and therefor don't get fully hard and erect everytime.

by rymple 8 years ago

matt is so gigantic even flaccid he dwarfs the other guy's erect penis!

by PhilipHH 8 years ago

matt never gets hard. i think he hase a big erection problem... the cock is great!