Make it Hurt Daddy

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anal facial condom Daddy

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by hotboy007 5 years ago

arpad is a great looking guy with a great (huge) body. his dick, however, is not that big. the boy is either pretending to hurt or got a very shallow ass

by throatfucker 5 years ago

Arpad is hot but I'd like to see him fuck the hell out of this boy instead of showing how big the boy's asshole is. Fuck him dude, just fuck him!

by eingangstr 5 years ago

pink pussy deluxe :)

by milo2nite 6 years ago

So hot

by TopTen 8 years ago

I would like to fuck this Daddy too

by Dave1 8 years ago

7:14 Both Arpad & the bottom are hot but there's only about 1 min of good consistent fucking -- with the bottom on his back, legs spread wide while Arpad towers over him fucking the cum out of him. Very hot. Arpad then pulls the condom off & jacks on/in the bottoms open mouth, also hot.

by Raffy 8 years ago

OK, that was freakin' HOT. I love hairy-chested dominant top daddies!

by p-trick 8 years ago

My boyfriend looks like the top, but my boyfriend's hotter :) PM me if you want link to his profile

by jasbur 8 years ago

Zack Randall has such a hot little body

by chronicmstrbtr 8 years ago

arpad miklos is a GOD!!!!