Mandingo & Olivia Del Rio

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Mandingo & Olivia Del Rio

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by ikarooz 10 months ago

Eighty seconds of OMG perfection

by banaboy 7 years ago

Mandingo is magnificent.

by doghouse 7 years ago

Damn, she can work that MoNSTERCOCK. Love her fuckin moanin. Rides the fuck out of him. Hot fuckin flick.

by dierkxyz 7 years ago

that's hot

by blinkywilson 8 years ago

That man and his horsecock make me go bonkers! and what a lover She must be in heaven!

by Goldstaender 8 years ago

Ein besonders langer Schwanz ist halt doch von Vorteil: Mandingo kann komplett seine Position wechseln und bleibt dabei die ganze Zeit problemlos in ihr "stecken"... Erstmal nachmachen!

by FREAKYCOMIC2 9 years ago

I am tired of all the Mandingo scenes...but this was truly a beauty. This bitch is fucking gorgeous!

by anonymous 9 years ago

the strength of that monster - Olivia is awesome and gets his veins pumping!
I wouldnt know where to start - on her ass or his!!

by willey 9 years ago

That was an outstanding fucking scene in my opinion

by hughgeerection 9 years ago

olivia only moans that way when shes fucking big dicks