Mr. 18 and Midget on Female

Mr. 18 inches tries to keep up, as usual, as the woman he screws gets a male little person off.

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by Polesmoker1 1 year ago

Bet Her Cunt Knew It Had Well And Truly Been Fucked After That. Midget Is An Added Bonus.

by younghungstud11 9 years ago

I bet her pussy was drippin

by omniberdache 9 years ago

I hung with/had a friendship with a guy who was four foot one. His cock was a thick eight inches. (See comment below, I was thinking I was running out of characters). Snow White was such a slut.

by omniberdache 9 years ago

I would have loved to see Mr. 18 inches either on Levitra or at a time in his life when he would have been fully erect. For those who wanted to know but didn't know who to ask, most forms of dwarfisms (an ancient term) does not has no effect cock size.

by lampwick 9 years ago

I love this circus freaky shit!

by courtstone2 9 years ago

ehwww so gross!

by hungmixedlad 9 years ago

...hahahha!! your so right you said all..!!

by lakevubud 9 years ago

Okay that is so wrong.