Max Delong

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by lovemonstermeat 8 years ago

I spent a couple of nites with Max Delong last summer, he had his fat 14" cock so deep in my ass, my hole was stretched wide open, yes it was hard, it hurt soooo much, but felt so good at the same time amazing ! THE BIGGEST DICK EVER !!!

by LellOusss 9 years ago


by steve2009 9 years ago

his cock never gets hard no matter how much the guys suck it...

by jerzitalboi 9 years ago

are there any videos of this man cumming? I mean that thing is huge...seen lots of videos of him getting sucked and fucking...but never seen him cum once...

by extremecock 9 years ago

Max the pumping clown - that cock is only ridiculous....:-))))

by tjbrighton 9 years ago

You have to admit.. its a whopper!

by AllAroundBoy19 9 years ago

Ergh! Hate short clips..

by intomassive 9 years ago

I love this monster beautiful uncut cock

by lorrie 9 years ago

Never seen the head of that cock - I think it's trapped in the foreskin. That's disgusting and unhealthy.

by turbo79 10 years ago

wow! fucking' hot monster cock