BREAKING IN / JULIO GOMEZ Trailer is back with Fan Favorite, JULIO GOMEZ!!! After we first introduced Julio through the World of we had tons of feedback from other Companies as well as inquiries surrounding him from a ton of Models. What do we even say about this thing? Do we call it a Monster...

Comments (5)

by JamPowerButt 10 months ago

Just LOVE that brutha, JULIO GOMEZ !!

by madest 10 months ago

Hot guy, huge dick, his only flaw is his horrible taste in women. Still an up vote tho.

by chippendalexxll 10 months ago

this is the real MONSTERCOCKLAND......the maximum score from me and favourite one

by musclepoilu62fr 10 months ago

wonderfull 14 inches he's bisex i'm would like to see fuck mens

by chippendalexxll 10 months ago

thx, very tasty