My snake likes to be stroked, petted then wanked ;)

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by hpoll10 3 months ago

demi god! how big is that fucker? i want every inch of that horse cock in my throat

by jockboy82 4 months ago

damn dude...mow that's a genuine HORSE/man when you flap him and he wiggles around!!

by WUNDACHAIR 5 months ago

who is he ?

by jockboy82 4 months ago

hes Deanf612...the owner of this profile :)

by glenmavis 5 months ago

Beautiful big hard cock,needs some worshipping.

by bufmanlvr 5 months ago

REALLY hot watching it spring to attention! Thansk!

by sw9guy 5 months ago

That is one monster of a bruiser. Nice one....