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Captain of the swim team goes for a short lap but there was nothing short about it. We need some new posts around here.

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by ikerny 9 months ago
from Meninos online.

by ikerny 9 months ago
Yes, Rodrigo.

by robbie9 9 months ago

I'd love to see more of this guy, especially flaccid or semi. Please post any good links if they can be found.

by rice65 9 months ago

Rodrigo of Meninos Online. I think this is a behind the scene from "Rodrigo Pietro"

by mulder 9 months ago

...ohne Worte...

by oregonjayhawk 9 months ago

I'm not entirely convinced it's Rodrigo. I did a compare/contrast to another post of him on here. Muscle tone is way different. Dick curve looks different too.

by Ananta 9 months ago

I think it's Rodrigo from Mundomais... ;-) (tatoos on his left shoulder and right pec not quite visible but still...)

by 9fierce9 9 months ago

I'm totally impressed

by selluka 9 months ago

Who is he? Anyone know?

by ninjaboi 9 months ago

Man oh man..what a glorious full sized proud cock he has !