Monster 11 inches

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monster cock fucks...message me if you want a show with this horse cock stud

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by WayTooHard 3 months ago

lol, he even measures it on cam and it's 8.5 and looks very pumped.

by calimonster 2 months ago

hes 8.5 soft bro....LOL

by elyptika 5 months ago

I've had eleven inches, and extremely thick too. This isn't anywhere near the size that's stated. It's big and I would give it pussy room. Love his foreskin.

I'd take all he hss for sure. My man with the eleven inches got close to filling me up with it, but only by pushing my internal organs to parts of my body they didn't belong in! But he made me cum so many times I couldn't walk properly for nearly a week!

by drk23 8 months ago


by cocks 9 months ago

jak docílím big donut cock

by Mikle34 9 months ago

I would say, massive 8 incher

by goome2 9 months ago

Its not 11 for sure!

by cardiffdillon 9 months ago

His name is Agmaster11 and he cams on Chaturbate.

by Gay 9 months ago

what's the guy's name?