Strokin that Huge One

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Nice huge cock here....

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by dids492 7 months ago

we need to try to find a longer clip somewhere. Who is he? what's his name?

by ninjaboi 10 months ago

great way to start any day!! Thanks, Jedi !

by alfacruxis 10 months ago

Fucking amazing!
And short...

by jedi77 10 months ago

I know. Wish I could find the whole thing. Tried a lot of sites. Not easy to match up... yet ;-)

by partyboy877 10 months ago

We certainly need more than nine seconds--in looking at ANY guy.

by jedi77 10 months ago

I'll try to find a longer clip. I found this posted in late June. Fingers crossed !

by pb9717 10 months ago

Yea, we need more of this guy.

by v528428 10 months ago