White dude got dick for DAYS

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Pornstars:Felix Jones

Enormous cock!!!

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by titten-dd 2 months ago

suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper schwanz

by maidhc 4 months ago

you are the absolute boss calum , that's got to be one of the longest and thickest cocks i've ever seen

by 20yrold10inch 4 months ago

Hi everyone this is my video I just got told by a fan on pornhub, I'm back on there now find me at LuckyGuy1 for more ????

by Homer3525 4 months ago

You have many fans on monstercockland!

by alfaman1988 5 months ago


I did know his name it was Calum eli or something similar...

by amatex 5 months ago

Fantastic looking guy with a dream dick

by jetcock 6 months ago

wow.. i'd fuckin slob all over that dick.

by mattcam 8 months ago

Absolute perfection. I would do anything for just 5 minutes sucking that thing. ????????????????

by FreakMuscleXXL 10 months ago

Does anybody know, if he is on webcam somewhere where we can see him?

by Trzsklvr 4 months ago

I saw him months ago on www.am4.com with the screenname LuckyLength. I nearly went insane when I saw him live.

by bwayneb 9 months ago

We were Facebook Friends. I want to be friends again.

by bigpenguin 10 months ago

Callum Ell

by sayagain 11 months ago

It is usually the anorexic-looking guys that exercise a lot during puberty that have the biggest ones. The reason is that exercise increases testosterone. There is more blood flow to the penis because of greater blood pressure - caused by better heart functioning and less fat clogging arteries. So it is these longer-lasting, more frequent, harder erections which stretch/expand the spongy chambers of the penis. Applying too much pressure in masturbation can damage the chambers though.