Jack's back on top

Among inveterate flip-floppers, Jack Harrer is one who's totally at home in either role. His versatility is even more impressive, I think, when he's topping, not a twink, but a guy who's as square-jawed and manly as his partner here, Danton--the sort of stud who help feeds those fantasies of Marines who love to take it up the ass. The usual sucking/fucking agenda is made hotter still by some great buttlicking, an all-too-brief bit where Danton gobbles Jack's big nuts, and a slo-mo replay of a nicely splashy facial. All in all, a festive start to our weekend!

Comments (8)

by boypositivo 3 years ago

Amo jack

by partyboy877 3 years ago

I love NON-twinkoid bottoms like this guy & Dario Dolce. You don't see it often.

by chippendalexxll 3 years ago

Harrer always great +++++, bye

by williebrowne 3 years ago

I'd forgotten Jack has such lowhangers.

by XYChromo 3 years ago

Thanks, Crazy! You keep MCL right up to date!

by jamie931 3 years ago

That Danton is a hot, hot guy!

by dinolino30 3 years ago


by blojobista 3 years ago

Another prize-winning post! Thanks!