Danny D - Lean, Clean, Reaming Machine

Papagallo222 uploaded a portion of this scene a while back, but I loved this scene so much I had to upload it in full. As many of you know, my biggest turn on is a woman worshipping a huge cock and talking about it...this scene has tons of that. So if you're into dirty talk...you should enjoy this one.

Comments (4)

by rippedbulge 5 years ago

Damn who is this chick she's hot as hell.

by mwlsu89 5 years ago

@BenC1987....I agree...much hotter in a British accent for some reason.

by anonymous 5 years ago

'I want a big dick everyday, smash my cunt' British women do it best :P

by MartyRice 5 years ago

Thanks for posting! It is very hot when the they talk about the "big elephant" in the room. It seems that most big cocked porn stars never say anything about their big cocks when fucking which is too bad because it is so hot!