This is a trailer from a new film called BIG DICK SOCIETY. This is only a preview but I am also gonna be uploading the film in 7 parts. I was kinda surprised AND pissed that there was not the first black stud in the film. ***Full movie is up now***

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by chippendalexxll 5 years ago

great cocks cumming

by ttrevor 5 years ago

Where are the big dicks?

by bbdd0866 6 years ago

2:01 - McLovin! haha

by quino993 8 years ago

Too much vanilla, literally, and figuratively, is ALWAYS BORING! Put a bit more chocolate, safron, and caramel and THEN you have something tasty.

by Webster9 8 years ago

Yowza ! There's a vid I have to have.

by gymguy81 9 years ago

never seen kinght suck somuch dick i heard he hates to

by icaro.notocorda 9 years ago

que demora

by anonymous 9 years ago

I love it, I wonder if they have it on DVD?

by guysfa 9 years ago

I love Trevor... best ever!

by jedi77 9 years ago

No disappointment with me. LUV IT !!!