Huge dick

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huge dick, short clip sorry

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by 9 years ago

wow and ouch!

by wanglophile 9 years ago

can someone please post the link to the longer version? i need more!!!

by sizequeen 9 years ago

Looks like Devon 10" Moss !

by 9 years ago


by theloadman 9 years ago

come on quit posting these 10 second videos

by anonymous 9 years ago

Devin Moss
He now stars in some newer citiboyz videos and can also be found on this site. There is a good 12 minute clip of him on here type in Devin Moss or boyzparty its here i've seen it.

by vers9er 9 years ago

AUGH!!!! This short clip is a teaser!!! lol...5 stars anyways!

by Mixx 9 years ago

Wouhouhou what a hot hot lad!! Where that vid come from ?

by Wolf10in 9 years ago

Great monster cock! The longer version has been posted already. It is criminal that this monster cock has only 4 stars at this time. I don't rate myself, but to whoever rated this cock less than 5 stars: Get the fuck off this site because you obviously don't appreciate monster cocks and you don't belong here.

by smoothsilk 9 years ago

Love that monster, but ridiculously short clip!