Eddie pumps and strokes

When I first posted this back in July, some of you coudn't get it to play--but the substitute upload done later, despite all good intentions, was too distorted to watch. So I'm giving my copy another try. Yes, the footage still looks chaotic--and a few parts were inadvertently repeated--but at least it shows you what Eddie's actually swinging & caressing in those other clips already in the MCL archive. Bottom line: pumped, siliconed, salinated--love it or hate it--Muscle Eddie's monstermeat is REAL!

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by FreakMuscleXXL 4 months ago

Eddie has just the most perfect cock!

by bcnevada 1 year ago

WOW! His cock is so awesome! It must weigh at least 10 times more than my cock.

by TRANSEX-PORCA 2 years ago

WWW.GATTATRANS.COM callme my dear

by Pumperaid 2 years ago


by Muslnerd95 2 years ago

I wish I could transform myself just as he's done. I think he's beautiful!

by nhbxxx 3 years ago

Mr. Spock: "fascinating..."
Depeche Mode: "everything counts in large amounts..."

by enoyrevellik 3 years ago

i think he goes by the name boris tapia on fb people... check it out, i'm telling you

by sarawakboyz 3 years ago

any videos of him...i want more

by maverick26 3 years ago


by wundachair2 3 years ago

how long did he pump his cock to be like that he is so crazy and cool i adore him