Mandingo vs. Khloe Kush

Is it just me or is Mandingos dick getting fatter?

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by iamhungbig 9 months ago

i have never seen his cock look so gorgeous in the beginning it looks as fat as shane diesel very hot

by 2 years ago

can't even imagine what that would feel like in my pussy.

by lazygirl92 5 years ago

it looks really fat. I love it!

by MrMe24 6 years ago

looks ridiculously big In this scene

by blinkywilson 6 years ago

He's up to her neck halfway in!

by mwlsu89 6 years ago

@pb9717...i don't like this new flowplayer...if ur vid is widescreen, most of my uploads are, it stretches them vertically. that annoys me so much.

by pb9717 6 years ago

The aspect ratio is a little skewed making his 13 inches look like 15-16 inches. Truly a superhuman cock. Oh to be him for just 1 day.

by bcnevada 6 years ago

I'd like to see him try to fit that monster into a penis pump ; ) He'd have to have a special one made for his superlong cock. Amazing cock! Once my wife saw a vid of his cock, she couldn't stop thinking about BBC. Now she's been with at least 50 BBC studs over the past year.

by troppus65 6 years ago

maybe he pumps it a little.... amazing dick!!!

by 2029880 6 years ago

Every time again impressed. For him even a cow would be tight.