Mandingo vs. Khloe Kush

Is it just me or is Mandingos dick getting fatter?

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by iamhungbig 1 month ago

i have never seen his cock look so gorgeous in the beginning it looks as fat as shane diesel very hot

by 10 months ago

can't even imagine what that would feel like in my pussy.

by lazygirl92 5 years ago

it looks really fat. I love it!

by MrMe24 5 years ago

looks ridiculously big In this scene

by blinkywilson 5 years ago

He's up to her neck halfway in!

by mwlsu89 5 years ago

@pb9717...i don't like this new flowplayer...if ur vid is widescreen, most of my uploads are, it stretches them vertically. that annoys me so much.

by pb9717 5 years ago

The aspect ratio is a little skewed making his 13 inches look like 15-16 inches. Truly a superhuman cock. Oh to be him for just 1 day.

by bcnevada 5 years ago

I'd like to see him try to fit that monster into a penis pump ; ) He'd have to have a special one made for his superlong cock. Amazing cock! Once my wife saw a vid of his cock, she couldn't stop thinking about BBC. Now she's been with at least 50 BBC studs over the past year.

by troppus65 5 years ago

maybe he pumps it a little.... amazing dick!!!

by 2029880 5 years ago

Every time again impressed. For him even a cow would be tight.