Monster Girth, Fully Loaded, Part III

She's my hero!

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by Prince_Harming 3 months ago

This girl is Stunning... lovely, smart, knows what she's doing. Nicely done.

by chippendalexxll 5 years ago

a real monster satisfying bitch

by Hengst20x5 5 years ago

das ist mal ein anständiger schwanz

by buzlno 6 years ago

What's with the dry fuck, KY anyone? I'd love to see a closeup of that crotch-splitter slowly nudge into her pussy, though. Just use some lube so we can see him bottom out...

by papagallo222 6 years ago

The very first glimpse of Mr Kane/JC's cock has the WOW factor every clip posted here should have--but rarely does.

by bigdonato 6 years ago

Yes, he began as "Mr. Kane' with the UK's Killergram, never showing his face; then he went the States & eventually adopted the Jez Christ persona, and this probably dates from his earliest US flix. Though oddly 'made-up'-looking (to disguise his age?) he's far from being the Quasimodo some thought he was. Anyway, HIS COCK IS SPECTACULAR & A THING OF BEAUTY. I have some recent clips & will post them soon. I think sizequeens will agree he definitely BELONGS IN MCL!

by 18cms 6 years ago

wow! nice!

by cegro27 6 years ago

to nokiaboy...stop bitching and just enjoy his monster at work, will ya! to everyone else...he goes by Mr. Kane

by nokiaboy 6 years ago

thats one amazing big massive incredibly thick cock just shame its in 3 parts rather than all one video

by nico2501 6 years ago

He is very hot!!! Amazing guy!!!