black ass banged raw

black ass banged raw

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by tanntriss41 7 years ago

Cxydl, post more of the Taggaz flips.

by Baladus4 7 years ago

Blah blah is what it is...a straight up fuck flick, direct and to the point. It was hot...end of story..give it fuckin' rest already.

by phreddie1 7 years ago

No' hate' involved, challus. It's just that a so-so and overlong a clip (surrounded by six or seven others of similar mediocrity & length from the same poster) raised the possibility that Cxydl was now repeating the same sort of depressing document dump he had done last week. For the good of the site, it had to be discouraged.

by chaallus 7 years ago

why all the h8? The quality's not the best, but I thought it was hot! [Kinda long, though]

by williebrowne 7 years ago

cxydl, the people have spoken. No stars, no (good) comments, no favoritings. Give it a rest.

by roccobene 7 years ago

While I agree totally with what phreddie1 says, I'd feel more comfortable seeing such comments offered by Kazon, Hotmessy, and other notable posters of color-- lest the negative reception (reflected in comments, lack of comments, low ratings & favoritings) that c's posts continue to get be interpreted as racist. Better still, that K et al message the guy privately.

by phreddie1 7 years ago

Cxydl, you have already dumped close to an hour's worth of mediocre videoclips (taggaz, jorgesgang) onto the site this afternoon--a barrage of stuff very like the one you launched the other day. I'm sorry to sound disrespectful, but, whether you realize it or not, you're degrading the quality of this place.
Maybe one such clip (every few days) would be a more reasonable approach.