Hung Henry

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Hung Henry

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by ny2la 10 years ago

Grower not a shower.

by MackBridgman 10 years ago

Small enough to toss him around in bed and big enough of a cock to make it worth my time to get him in touch with his inner bottom.... Love handsome, cocked, bottoms... Smile fucker! Turn down the bright lights. Squinting makes you look like you are frowning. JO is good, so make it look like you enjoy it. I know I would topping you!

by creature100 10 years ago

a goodlooking guy, but ... hung???

by homonormativity 10 years ago

He looks like he's about 5 foot 2.

by ThrobDrip 10 years ago

handsome dude, not real hung but grows to decent suckable size.