Teen Muscle Boy with Huge Dick

Slim teen muscle boy showing off his huge dick.

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by john9091 8 years ago

That 6-pack sure looks like muscles to me! And nice shaving job; not a hair on his body! Big thick 8 inch cock makes it on this site (Jesus, I think it has grown even bigger,make that 9 inches!) Love how he fingers his hole while he strokes that thick meat. Kevgonz, thank you for an awesome vid! 5 stars+++++

by usamel 8 years ago

where is the muscle boy mention in the caption

by smikey23 8 years ago


by argus3906 8 years ago

Where's the 'huge black' mentioned in the tags? (Sorry, can't watch for 16 minutes to find out.)

by euroboyyy 8 years ago

wanna fuck him!!!

by bigonelpz 8 years ago

yummy... :P