NEW! Acevedo fux Karim

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FuckerMate has just picked up on one of TT's newest headliners - donkey-dicked Franklin Acevedo - pairing him with a cute, natural-born bottom, Bastian Karim. The results are sensational.

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by lukewestenra 11 months ago

Those NUTS though!

by ftlaudpump 11 months ago

yes uncut is amazing but i love big swinging balls

by Videohouse 11 months ago

Wow! Franklin has become quite the premier ass fucker at Fuckermate. Carlos Leao better watch out!

by yeah4cock 11 months ago


by billbeczala 11 months ago

instant classic!

by z_karpathy 11 months ago

It's a big-meat extravaganza!

by arschloch2010 11 months ago

acevedo┬┤s balls and cock is yummy!!!

by keikobad 11 months ago

Watching this is full-screen is a guaranteed nut-buster.

by georgungeheuer 11 months ago

Avevedo's fat & juicy cock & balls on fantastic display...

by AndyDC 11 months ago

W O W !!!