Bo Sinn in "Skate Park" !

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Bo's back to fuck more boi-pussy. The lucky guy is Bromo newcomer, Joey Mentana.

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by xebar 3 days ago

Enybody knows where he will be with his bord in next few days?

by cecilsparacino 3 months ago

It's silly to doubt that Bo's real interest is in pussy. That he's ABLE to fuck guys shows a capacity for bisexual BEHAVIOR--but it doesn't make him "bi" in the psychological/sexual orientation sense of that term. And when people say a "really str8 guy" couldn't/wouldn't fuck guys, they're being naive: what they're actually talking about is a conventionally uptight str8 guy.

by hotboy007 3 months ago

so, Bo is now into gay scenes? hmmm. so much 4 him be str8

by raymondbamberger 3 months ago

He's from Quebec. His English has a noticeable trace of a French-Canadian accent - which I find very hot myself.

by dick_me 3 months ago

I didn’t know he fucks guys too ! I thought he was completely hetero. He s fuckn hot, but instead of English , the producer/ director should have made him speak in his own language ( not sure if its Brazilian or something else ). And next time Bo when you take it out of the asshole put it in his mouth.

by georgungeheuer 3 months ago

This got posted already last week.

by lukewestenra 3 months ago

A chance to see it again then.