(NEW) BO SINN 2nd GAY appearance - HD FULL VIDEO

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NEW BRM release - Bo Sinn BB Joey Mentana

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by dick_me 3 months ago

I think he ‘s hot, you guys are too critical. Yes the dialogue is , well , fake, like someone wrote the lines for him and he ‘s just saying them and yes I do agree his ass should hav been eaten and after cumming, he should stick the fuckn schlong down the kids throat , but hey, I don’t want to be too critical. Overall I thought it was great, better than “ call me by your name”.

by 11gtea 3 months ago

All normal Vincent. As it was posted a MONTH after the first one - it still has half of the views also. Don't create FAKE NEWS as it is no longer the standard.

by vincentdargelos 3 months ago

The score sez it all. This scene got half the response the first one did.

by nycsewerman 3 months ago

holy shit.

by caddallo 3 months ago


by lukewestenra 3 months ago

hey jgus, I saw only two comments here that were less than enthusiastic about Bo personally. (Read'em & see!) Most of the criticism centers on the bottom and how the action isn't very exciting. Fact is, this clip is disappointing after the first one. (Also, btw, much as I love Bo, I'd never call him "horse-hung" "Hung" would be more like it.)

by jgus 3 months ago

who cares what the guy looks like hes fucking beautiful and rough and horse hung.
dont be so judgemental enjoy the man for what he has

by cecilsparacino 3 months ago

57potemkin is right. Scenario/dialogue was pretty lame, as was the bottom. And they missed a great opportunity by not having Bo force the guy to rim him, sit on his face & then jack himself off. (Funny rating on this, btw. I've never seen "Like" and "Fave" scores perfectly matched like that. ? ?)

by 11gtea 3 months ago

TX Chipp - same back :)

by chippendalexxll 3 months ago

thx...a great hot super video---Happy new year