Dredd with Angel

From: johnny_quaker
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Angel gets a BBC

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by Bulgelover818 1 month ago

absolutely hate it when she/he got a perfect monster dick in front of them and they can't give head for their life, that dick deserves to be stretching this throat out like pussy

by sdman35 7 months ago

I have compared all the legends next to DREDD. He is as long as Mandingo and as thick as Shane.

The total package, no pun intended.

for those on other forumns, sayiing dude is 9 inches, they are clueless. All you have to do, is see how the girls hand fits in, then measure up. Most girls are 3 hands, not near touching (around, girth wise) and then about a half a hand. So, 3.5 hands. Measure yours, prob a little bigger than theirs..and you can figure it out. Amazing.

by arschloch2010 1 year ago

the is something wrong with flowplayer, the sound is not synchronous if i fast forward.

by tomtalker2000 1 year ago

You suck bitch...I could go WAY deeper then that...!!!

by fantasy264 1 year ago

Amazing. 10/10