Lucky little Caesar

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Having bottomed for Cutler X and Esteban Orive, Julius Caesar is a size queen after our own hearts. Here, though, he takes on BOTH at once in a 'Lucky Pierre' situation most of us would envy. But how many, I wonder, could handle a DP from such a duo? (I've posted this in the HD version, but if it doesn't show up that way automatically, choose the HD option in the controls under the right side of the screen.)

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by uncutbear69 1 year ago

Hot video grrr...

by adicktedtoblack 2 years ago

These two tops are a sizequeens dream. Damn. Wouldn't mind having either one of them or both fucking me.

by AndyDC 2 years ago

Once the clip starts, be sure to switch it to HD (button under screen on the right). That way, you see all the great details, like the bunch-back of skin as those monsters push on relentlessly into the kid's mouth & asshole. (When I noticed that one time, it sent me right over the edge, so be careful. LOL)

by throatfucker 2 years ago

Very hot scene. Like watching Cutler X and Esteban use those holes for their satisfaction. Hot!!

by 11gtea 2 years ago

HOT action !!!!

by blackfucker3121 2 years ago


by mrmephisto10 2 years ago

Like JC, Armond Rizzo, has bottomed for these guys separately. It would be great to see him getting ruthlessly skewered on their combined shlongs, too. (Trouble is, UNLIKE JC, he'd probably make a lot of unnecessary noise.)

by chippendalexxll 2 years ago

very hot and exciting...great clip

by bigdonato 2 years ago

HOLY SHIT!!! That shrimpy little Caesar took both of those monsters up his l'il boi ass like it was nothing. And it was a REAL DP for once. Not just a clumsy moment or two, but an extended simultaneous pounding from two superhung studs working in perfect synch, fucking the shit out of him. If this clip doesn't make you bust a nut (or two), nothing will.

by nanamole 2 years ago

lucky bastard