Picasso's latest masterpiece

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OK, for the sake of a catchy title I've told a lie: far from being a masterpiece, this is the least exciting of Eduardo's scenes for TT to date. In fact, it's arguably boring. Why? (1) there's barely more than a minute of cocksucking in it, (2) the condom-clad fucking shows his shlong at its less-than-potent best, (3) his partner, Antonio Miracle, is at his noisy, self-dramatizing worst, and (4) if Eduardo actually came, I missed it. Far, far better are his two clips with those energetic little cocksucker/bottoms, Ian Torres & Ricky Ibanez. (Although I'm cutting back sharply on my posting these days, I knew all of you would want to see this--and, for the same reason, I'm giving it to you exactly as it was released yesterday.) May all of you in the US have a happy, horny holiday weekend!

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by chippendalexxll 2 years ago

Sorry..I don't agree with score...then 109 favourites....and new video with Edoardo....things have really changed into bad ones...better before for sure....and
I'm convinced that lot of people give their own preference by chance and they don't watch movies..it's enough towatch other movies or pictures....happy day

by hotboy007 2 years ago

eduardo escorted in nyc until like a month or two ago. real nice dude. his dick looks bigger cause his body is smaller. but he is packing a hard 9ner and pretty girthy

by royboy361 2 years ago

That's quite a pounding.

by biradaocu 2 years ago

meu sonho de consumo um cara com esta ferramenta magro assim

by madest 2 years ago

Spot on review C4C!

by billbeczala 2 years ago

@felix: I don't want to reignite the condom vs. bareback controversy, but porn is fantasy--not reality--and definitely NOT a guide to how to live your life. No one, you included, jerks off thinking about guys fucking with a rubber on--because it's just not erotic. By the same token, a real-life decision (to wear one or not) is a matter of purely personal responsibility, & only a jerk is going to model his real-life behavior on what he sees guys doing in porn!

by keikobad 2 years ago

Even Tim himself seems to be tacitly admitting this one really isn't up to his - or Eduardo's - highest standards. The oddly abrupt transition from sucking to fucking, as well as the unusual brevity of the clip (only 15 minutes), suggests he released it mostly because Edu is one of the (literally) biggest draws in gay porn today. (BTW, it's best viewed by choosing the 'original size' option on the control button.)

by felix70 2 years ago

guys are not you afraid to get infected with HIV? Does not matter if you think one person have HIV or not...USE CONDON ALWAYS

by FreakMuscleXXL 2 years ago

The guy on timtales are mostly realy hot. but the videos/action is somehow total average or even boring. Guess hot guys just make average or boring sex.

by stuey 2 years ago

I like this guy but agree with crazy4cock and Jackson88 - the condom is annoying (and unusual for Tim Tales, does he have HIV?) and the bottom is a pain in the ass excuse the punn! Just a diva!