Caio Veyron challenged

Eduardo Picasso's spectacular emergence on the international scene can't help but threaten the alpha-cock primacy of his fellow-Brazilian, Caio Veyron. So it's doubly sad to report that Caio's latest TimTales turn shows him at less than his impressive best. And even though its very title trumpets the news that he "fucks Bogdan Gromov," that's precisely what I've chosen NOT to include in this post. Yes, it's another 'cocksuckers edition' of a suck-&-fuck clip, deliberating ignoring the latter (already compromised by a condom) in favor of oral-only footage. Having closely studied the original twice through, I feel it's better for me to disappoint you than risk having Caio do it himself.

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by FreakMuscleXXL 1 year ago

wow, the bottom is hot. I want him to take care of my monster, too.

by keikobad 2 years ago

Unlike Eduado, Caio shows some wood problems, and not just when he's fucking...

by hannibalbare 2 years ago


by AndyDC 2 years ago

He's still great!!!