Steven Prior masturbates again

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Steven Prior masturbates again

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by escalare 2 years ago

repeat or not repeat ?
Steven Ptior is the wonderful uniquely combination
of lean skinny boy with a fantestic fat bigest cock, that is the reason why this webside exist or exist should.
if it repeats so often you want.

by magnum 2 years ago

I agree with mikey953 100%. If a video is posted again SO WHAT no big deal. This place is like cable TV, they repeat everything over and over again on the same channel.

by lukewestenra 2 years ago

"Some videos deserve. etc." Like every three weeks? And who decides which videos deserve that exalted status? You? Listen, mikey, this site would grind to a halt, with nobody posting and nobody watching, if your utterly mindless POV were adopted & taken to its logical conclusion.

by mikey953 2 years ago

who the fuck cares if a video is posted again and again....NOBODY is forcing you to view it every time it gets posted. Some videos deserve to be repeated and repeated often.

by williebrowne 2 years ago

"Again" is the operative word here. C4C uploaded this very clip just three weeks ago as "No prior postings?" (Look over to your right, under Related Media.)