Big Marcos is back!

With only three scenes to his credit, Big Marcos quickly became one of Machofuckers most popular studs. His manifest virility, that fat, uncut torpedo of a dick--and, above all, his rough, relentless use of it--made the street-hardened ex-con connoisseur of boipussy an iconic figure on the site in a matter of months. Now, after too long an absence, MF has brought him back, piston-fucking fellow Brazilian (the newbie bottom, Titus) in 10+ minutes of action that starts with a bang & never lets up. No time for cocksucking here, it's just fuck, fuck, fuck, until Marcos creampies his way into a final assault on Titus's ravaged hole--and then pisses all over his adoring victim.

Comments (12)

by MattCurlew 4 months ago

That is one gorgeous bottom and can handle a nice big, fat dick. maybe a bit too sloppy irl ;)

by Berkeley1974 1 year ago

TITUS has a Nice Ass!!!

by Luvbig1s 2 years ago

A fine addition to MCL Crazy! Thanks!

by pumpittothemax 2 years ago

this bottom, Titus is one handsome fucking man!
( Who clearly is into being pounded by big dick.

by mrmephisto10 2 years ago

Marcos exudes an exceptionally powerful macho vibe. The guy is sex on a stick. (A big, thick stick.)

by titoumec2 2 years ago


by raymondbamberger 2 years ago

That bottom's hole must have looked & felt to Marcos like a nice, tight pussy. I'll bet he loved it. (He certainly relished lapping at it.)

by AndyDC 2 years ago

Just the boost we needed after all that spam!

by Polesmoker1 2 years ago

Nice One C *****

by colegio22 2 years ago

Massive hole on that bottom. He's cute, though.