Caio & Louis: the hole story

"A month after personally breaking in a newbie, the hot & hairy Venezuelan bottom Louis Ricaute, Tim Kruger paired him up with Brazilian superstar, CAIO VEYRON...." That's actually the start of the intro to a post of mine that follows--"Slaphappy cocksucker." But in that one, I used only the sucking footage & cumshot finale, whereas THIS IS THE ENTIRE CLIP, uncut, with all the fucking included. And I'm beginning to think that "complete" is the better choice here after all. (The more you see of red-hot Louis, and watch his beautiful muscleboy butt getting nailed by Caio, the more exciting it is.) Still, there's arguably room for several approaches, so I'll keep both clips up for now.

Comments (13)

by bottomdude100 2 years ago

So hot seeing the piss fucked out of the bottom.

by sheerq 2 years ago

incredible hotness from both - but I could take that top down my throat easy peazy....just sayin'

by georgungeheuer 2 years ago

Then why not show us a flip-flop encounter between these two? (That said, I'm pretty sure that Veyron simply isn't versatile at all--unlike the sexy & beautiful Louis.)

by dmaxsba 2 years ago

Sad, the bottom should have been the top!

by heurtebise 2 years ago

I should have added that I posted that scene myself myself under the title "Very, very Veyron"

by heurtebise 2 years ago

But don't forget what a stunning couple Ciao and Flex made a few months ago. That was a multiple-award-winning scene, too. Either deserves the prize, I'd say.

by partyboy877 2 years ago

They ought to win the Couple of the Year award, even if they aren't a couple. Such a hot scene!

by supersonic002 2 years ago

love to entertain that Hot Btm boy with very girthy 9X7 inch manrammer !

by escalare 2 years ago

yes, crazy4cock a'nt crazy4hole, see also Slaphappy cocksucker.
I'm not a sadists.
I like this wonderful bio-tool - cock - at some well built males.
Anyhow crazy4cock thanks for different views of this

by blkchrome 2 years ago

LUV to see [and hear] muscle ass being WRECKED by BIG dick!!!